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  • The controlled issue of performance certificates for internal & external orders, and the systematic organization of all sequential roundtable segment meetings.

    Negotiating and signing MOU¡¯s concerning exchanges and/or cooperation with international organizations and associations.

  • Recording and collecting opinions and submitting proposals to government via Technical Committees (8 sub-committees), Industrial Committees, and Policy Planning Committees, etc.

    Shaping public opinion and developing alternative policies by commissioning expert advisors and professional consultants.

    Executing government approved policy related to the rail sector and/or industry.

  • Negotiating and signing MOU¡¯s with educational establishments and research institutes.

    Designing and establishing training courses in international railway operations.

    To include: international project order processes; project finance; legal aspects; risk management; rail terminology, etc.

    Implementing sectored technical training courses for the award of Rail Engineer¡¯s License, supplementary education courses, and courses for field oriented personnel.

    Conducting railway industry courses for CEO¡¯s.

  • Building an international cooperation information network.
    Constructing and disseminating a comprehensive database to members and related organizations.

    Research overseas markets.

    Attending on-site information sessions to which major international figures will be invited.

    Conducting on-going discussions with the International Cooperation Committee concerning business direction and strategy.

    Managing the International Railway Cooperation Fund.

    Hosting the International Railway Project Conference.